Number 1 in the Midwest

According to the recently released preseason rankings, Wash U is now #35, moving ahead of Denison (36) to become the number one team in the Midwest.  This is due to the return of players Sheldon and Stirling from abroad and the addition of 3 freshmen and junior Dylan Reid who was a top ranked  racquetball player in high school.

This weekend, the team travels to Navy for its east coast trip of the semester.  The teams playing are the Naval Academy (13), Johns Hopkins (28), Bucknell (34) and Denison (36).

The schedule is:

11/10/2012 Johns Hopkins Bancroft 11 AM EST
11/10/2012 Denison Bancroft 3 PM EST
11/10/2012 Naval Academy Halsey 5 PM EST
11/11/2012 Bucknell Bancroft 9 AM EST
11/11/2012 Navy B Halsey 1 PM EST